Monday, August 4, 2014

My Garden Walk

I've been downloading all the posts of this old blog, and of course, I've been reading them as I go.   It was time to clean this blog up and make it relevant and useful, if it can be.  Declutter.  You know, put all the old baby things into storage.

And as it happens when putting away old baby things, or perhaps it's more like pulling them out, in this case, since it has been years since I have looked at them, I have been swept along on waves of nostalgia.

I firmly believe we don't undertake such things unless we have made a conscious choice, or have a subconscious need, to revisit these old memories.  I have been avoiding them.  For years, apparently.  Until now, I hadn't blogged here since 2011.  But I've got some good reasons for coming back, and for reworking this blog.

Why did I stop blogging here for a while?  Honestly, after the whirlwind of casting followed by the early bracing mistakes, I think simply having achieved a lack of desperation felt like we had arrived at a normal life.  When it became apparent we were in a holding pattern of X-rays and brace appointments--until The Dude reaches skeletal maturity--I felt like I had probably outlived all the blog-worthy stages of this scoliosis journey.  Certainly, I felt I deserved to have outlived them.

But this journey isn't over, and there's much yet to be written in this particular Progressive Infantile Scoliosis Story.  Much has changed since we started seven years ago, not only in our lives, but in the field of treating PIS.  I worried a little that my information was outdated, but I'm not trying to write the manual--just the story of our scoliosis life.  Thank you for joining us!

To know of someone here and there whom we accord with, who is living on with us, even in silence--this makes our earthly ball a peopled garden.  ~Johann Wolfgang vonGoethe 

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